Part of the Katto Collection.

Includes Jacket, Vest and Pant.

The Katto Collection is Suitably’s take on modern tailoring that has been designed with the everyday in mind. With clean lines, a unique textured fabric and gorgeous contemporary colours, the Katto Collection will work in most modern situations that the dapper gentleman will find themselves in.

Despite its modern highlights, it wouldn’t be a Suitably suit if we didn’t pay homage to traditional tailoring cues. Large patch pockets and classic front darts provide a touch of sophistication to this collection.

With a unique colour profile, the Baby Blue is the rebirth of a classic that brings vibrancy to your wardrobe. This classic has the ability to work well in most seasons and occasions provided that it is accessorised accordingly.

Unlike most suits in our price point, Suitably never skimps on quality. All suits are made of extremely high quality, strong wearing materials and are built with a half canvas construction that you would normally expect to find in suits that cost far more. This ensures that your suit will be comfortable, hold their shape and stand the test of time.

On top of this, ALL Suitably suits are tailored to the exacting measurements of each customer to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Be Smart. Be Suitably.

Styling Guide


A baby blue suit almost demands a basic white shirt. A crisp white compliments the outfit with or without the vest and adds a gentle, inviting touch. If white isn’t your thing, Go with a blue coloured shirt that sits a shade darker, or lighter than the suit itself. If you’re feeling brave, a soft salmon or pink also pairs quite nicely.


As a general rule, go with a darker shade of blue to help compliment your outfit. Failing that, if you are wearing a light blue shirt, a touch of a light salmon may also work very well. Try and avoid anything too patterned or messy.


It’s very hard to beat a nice, clean brown or tan shoe with this outfit. Oxfords will give you a clean look that will suit the rest of the aesthetic however if you’re feeling like standing out, A good high-quality brogue would also not be out of line.


This is not a suit that you would wear to a Job Interview or a high-pressure situation, however, surprisingly, as a standard day to day work staple, the Baby Blue can more than easily hold its own weight if accessorised accordingly. Within more causal situations, however, this outfit shines and you will be hard-pressed to find a better option for a wedding.


Whilst this may seem like an intimidating choice at first, you will find that the Baby Blue is surprisingly versatile in many situations. With care and due consideration to accessories and situation, this classic will work well for you for years to pass.